Sea Breeze

A Sea Breeze is typically a summer beach drink. So why I am posting one on Christmas Eve? Because June Riva, one of the characters in the novel Malibu Rising […]

Tom Collins

Winston Churchill was a well-known lover of alcohol. There are a lot of descriptions of his liquor supply in the book The Splendid and The Vile. According to Churchill’s private […]

Rosy Cosmopolitan

In honor of Kate Quinn’s upcoming surprise book cover announcement for The Rose Code, I wanted to make a rose flavored drink. I had fun making several variations of drinks […]

Amaretto Sour With Prosecco

How better to celebrate the book giveaway of Diane Kelly’s Paw Enforcement than to fix a fun cocktail? Today I am sharing my “Signature Cocktail” which is an Amaretto Sour […]

Grapefruit Cosmo

Once you have ordered your Free Books Today, you should celebrate by fixing yourself a delicious Grapefruit Cosmo. This drink is so easy to make and is one of my […]

The Silent Night Martini

After finishing the psychological thriller The Silent Patient, I needed a drink. I searched for cocktails containing the word Silent and found this one called The Silent Night Martini. This […]

Navy Grog

After reading Thomas Jefferson And The Tripoli Pirates, my guest reviewer, Honey, came across the history of Navy Grog. In the olden days, British sailors were provided a ration of […]