About Kerrin

Hi, here is a little about me. I grew up in Memphis, TN during the heyday of the Civil Rights Movement and Elvis’ rule as the King. After graduating from Memphis State University (now the University of Memphis) with a BBA (80) and a JD (83), I married Steve, my law school sweetheart, in 1983. We lived in Columbia, TN, where our two children were born, then moved to Texas in 1991. I am now a widow. I am Of Counsel at Ross & Matthews, P.C. in Fort Worth, Texas.

My hobbies are reading, cooking, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends, especially my granddaughter, Sophie.

Contact Me: kerrin@kerrinsbookreviews.com

Never Have I Ever:

Seen the Godfather Movies
Used any hair coloring or dye
Read the Harry Potter novels
Enjoyed drinking whiskey or Bourbon
Crossed the International Date Line – and this is the one thing I hope to change out of this list.